• 360 Degrees Lighting Sphere

    This full geodesic sphere constructed out of laser cut MDF is the result of an assignment for the Lighting Design course at Industrial Design Engineering. The assignment was to design a research setup that allowed researchers to adjust lighting on an object in such a way that it was possible to vary between totally diffuse lighting and direct lighting, and anything in between. This solution used a large array of high powered LEDs that were aimed both at the sphere's inner surface (to provide diffuse lighting) and at the center of the sphere (to provide direct lighting). These LEDs were controlled by a microcontroller, so any variation of lighting was possible.
  • Robot Laser Gaming

    In this project for the course Mechatronics, I wrote the software that enables the robot arm to find IR beacons using a WiiMote as a camera. The goal was to make a robotic turret that could be used in a laser game situation, where it could autonomously find and track targets. Each player was equipped with an arduino powered pack that responded to infrared signals sent out by the guns that were attached to it. If a player was hit, the gun would shut down for a few seconds. Likewise, the turret could also be temporarily stunned by shooting it.
  • Redesigning A Camera Interface

    For the course User Experience Assessment and Design at IDE, I (in a group) redesigned the interface of the Olympus D-700. Focus was on creating a learning experience for users, by exposing all of the functions of the camera. The new user interface was prototyped by me using jQuery. The movie was shot and edited by me.
  • Concrete Table

    This side table was poured in lightweight concrete, and strengthened by adding many cross connections in a chaotic pattern. It was created for an assignment in the 'Advanced Prototyping' minor program at the TU Delft.
  • Environment Piano

    The environment piano is a concept that was developed for a course in the Industrial Design program at the TU Delft. It allows the user to play his environment, placing little hammers against anything that will make a sound. It is the analog equivalent of a digital sampler.